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Brent Beer is here to ‘blow people’s minds’ about the enterprise world

The enterprise world isn’t likely going to go away. However, that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be able to have the flexibility of working. When most people think of enterprise they probably think of cubicles, isolation, clear focused job, and repetitiveness. I’d love if it if I could blow people’s minds about this frame of thinking.
If people were able to collaborate and communicate to each other through the power of GitHub and general open source practices, they’d have a less boring job, and people would also just have a less glum outlook on the enterprise world. I know when I was leaving university, I was struggling with two paths: Enterprise World or Startup World. One of these screamed security but boring, the other was about using cool new technology and also ran the risk of putting me out of work very fast. I’m young so I chose Startups, and I don’t regret it.
However, if enterprise companies were able to let me know of the type of work that occurred with in their company, of the workflows and philosophies they practiced, and the general day to day communications between developers, I may have been convinced to try it out.
This talk is important for both people looking for new jobs and in the same situation I was in, as well as enterprise developers wishing for a different and better way of working within their company and some clear steps on how to reach those goals.

Brent has been a passionate user of Git and GitHub for a number of years beginning in university where he constantly tried to adopt the way students collaborated. After graduation, Brent moved out to work in San Francisco to work as a web developer and later became a member of the GitHub:Training team.

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