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Practical JVM Garbage Collection with Martijn Verburg

Firstly lets start with the technical session, “Practical Garbage Collection tuning for the Hotspot JVM”. At this point even many hardcore Java developers are running for the hills as fast as possible. Well, run no further! This is a really important topic for Java/JVM developers of any experience level, and it’s actually *fun* to do as well.

A common production problem that Java/JVM developers are facing to today is that their applications are freezing/pausing unexpectedly and/or dying from memory leaks. These issues have become more commonplace because Java/JVM applications are getting much larger in terms of their memory requirements (“Heap size”).

Unfortunately, this means that the Hotspot Garbage Collector algorithms have to check more live objects as well as pausing larger numbers of application threads.

This talk will help you dive into Hotspot’s Garbage Collection subsystem and learn to tune common performance issues to stop your applications from pausing, falling over and doing other strange things!

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